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zippered transparent vinyl makeup pouch bag (CLB5010)

2 sizes round clear PVC Cosmetic Bags (CLB012)

clear PVC vinyl cosmetic transparent makeup bag with handle (CLB5002)

Shoulder Makeup Set Bag with Multi Mesh Pockets (CLB5333)

clear make up bag with handle(CLB5021)

zippered transparent vinyl makeup pouch(CLB5007)

Rectangular Clear Bag Makeup Artist on-go Bag (CLB008)

Large clear PVC tote bag (CLB5012)

Brush Buddy Base wtih handle and shoulder strap (CLB016)

Large Clear Plastic Crossbody Messenger Bag (CLB5009)

The Clear Set Bag with Clear Flap and shoulder strap (CLB003)

Clear Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag (CLB5137)